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Would you buy with your credit card from an amateur website?

loja online

Integrated into networks

Lead capture action, sales funnel style.
Works on Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.
SEO configured to be found on Google.
Connected to social networks, Whatsapp, email and chatbot. Security against hackers and cyber attacks.


loja online

Showcase made to sell

New professional website with unique layout.
Thin, easy, intuitive, clean and ultra modern design.
Integrated with post offices and carriers.  All online payment methods installed and configured. Inventory control and issue of invoices.    Integrated with the main marketplaces.

loja online

Smart Budget

Invest little, stand out on the internet and reach new markets. The project is modeled with the best quality to be an audience champion. The results guarantee success and promote the prosperity of your business. The professional site pays for itself in less than 30 days.

loja online

Awarded After Sales

Learn how to make your business work on the internet. When the site is published, your team will be trained to fully manage the  new business, with specialized technical support for bug fixes and usage tracking, with tips and technical support.

loja online

Efficient Analytics

E-commerce optimization to improve ranking on Google and social networks when Internet users search for your services and/or products. Setting up custom corporate emails and email accounts for business.

loja online

Digital Marketing Ready

Expose your brand with the exposure of trends and tips about your services and your business.  News, news, trends, recipes and tips about your services, products and business area. Intelligent search systems by articles or hashtags.

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